Going to the theatre can be an emotionally costly experience



I try not to take in too much stuff I can’t process.


I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post ‘Why Do We Watch the News?’ Personally I don’t watch the news much because:


– It’s predominantly bad news and it makes me depressed


– Say I watch the main 6 o’clock news on the BBC. Bad news from around the world. Most of the stuff I see I can’t do anything about. It’s mostly outside my sphere of influence, geographically, socially, culturally. I’m left feeling not only depressed but also powerless and potentially with a lingering guilt/shame as I sit in relative comfort and contentment. Where I can make a difference is closer to home and that’s where I focus my energies.


I’m careful to look after my psychological wellbeing. As an artist I want to be confident the stuff I’m putting out there isn’t an expression of a negative or unduly troubled state of mind.


Hope this is helpful.




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