Idea for a practice-based community arts/social practice research project*

This project would involve working for a period of time with a number of arts organisations/venues. These would include:

(1) an organisation with a track record of delivering a top quality community arts programme. E.g. Turner Contemporary (lots of other examples but this is one I know a bit about).

(2) an organisation/venue seeking to develop its community arts programme and in a good position to do this (good relationships with community groups, funding in place, space and resources to run activity).

The project would involve organising to work between these two (& possibly more) organisations. Key aims would be:

(i) to gain expertise in delivering community arts activity

(ii) to evaluate the community arts programme of the organisation with a track record of delivering excellent community arts

(iii) to bring the skills and understanding gained working with organisation (1) to working with organisation (2). Work with organisation (1) would primarily be about gaining skills and understanding in a support role, with limited responsibility for delivering activity. Work with organisation (2) would be about testing those skills and that understanding in a position of greater responsibility.

Organisation (1) would provide ongoing mentoring for the period of work at organisation (2).

The project would involve keeping a reflective journal throughout which would feed into written evaluation of organisation (1)’s community arts programme and evaluation of the period of work with organisation (2).

This proposal could integrate very well with Art’s Council England’s Creative People and Places project and the Fun Palaces initiative.

*could be a Phd…



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