I’ve been wanting to make something to tour round the UK for a good while now…

There are some projects by other artists that feel particularly relevant to me just now, on day 2 of this new political reality.

Tassos Stevens’ A Better Conversation is about having mutually respectful conversations with people who have different political views.

My feeling is that this is a very useful thing to be doing. It’s not about trying to impose any particular political understanding – it’s about listening and it’s about cultivating constructive political discourse. Right now there is a need to understand why people voted leave. The process of asking questions and listening unlocks things. Some of them may be things we don’t agree with. But stay with that person. Explore how and why that person’s views are different to your own. I believe this is how we advance the progressive political agenda.

A Better Conversation isn’t necessarily something that can or needs to tour – all of us can – and hopefully are -having these kinds of conversations in our communities. And there are quite a few networks out there that can support this kind of work. And it’s happening in local politics already – when councilors of all stripes go door-knocking, or set up a table on the local high street. Except the Tories. Their listening is toxic. But it’s background thinking for something I want to do that is about touring the UK –

I want to form a band and touring the UK, engaging people in political conversation and writing songs inspired by those conversations.

Anyone want to join me..?

(Hannah Nicklin’s Songs For Breaking Britain is an amazing project and an inspiration. I’m in touch with Hannah about this/doing something similar)


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One response to “I’ve been wanting to make something to tour round the UK for a good while now…

  1. Rebecca Baron

    This sounds brilliant. I would love to join, and maybe develop something similar for the comedy world…

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