This referendum result confirms a few things about how I want to develop my practice – and maybe a couple of priorities for socially and politically engaged arts practice in general


There is intergenerational work to be done

referrendum the age gap

The older generation voted for a future the younger generation don’t want. I’m interested in creating spaces in which generations can talk to each other seriously, and respectfully about this and a range of other issues (housing, for example).

Tassos Stevens’ A Better Conversation is a useful guide in terms of how these kinds of conversations can be facilitated.


There is much work to be done to reach out regionally.

referrendum regional

There’s a striking similarity between this and the map of the 2015 election result. Both of the places I can call ‘home’ (London and Cambridge) are islands of progressive politics. There’s a fairly urgent need to take work outside this bubble.

I think regional & rural touring of the arts is vital in this respect.



There is intercultural work to be done.

I hear that when asked to explain their reasoning, many leave voters gave answers that are essentially racist. This can’t be ignored.




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