I had an interesting conversation with the Finsbury Park fruit bowl man



You not working?

Na mate I’m looking for a job. Need to make some money.

You want to be a rich man?

Well I don’t know. I’m not after making a fortune – just enough to live off.

Money is good. Money is bad. Money is good. Money is bad. When you see a rich man too much money. Is not good.

Yeah it’s more just to be involved in society is what I’m after. When I’m lying about doing nothing that doesn’t feel very good you know. So maybe I can come and work for you.

Life is very hard.

Yeah – a few hours in the afternoon maybe?

Life here is very hard.

Where does the fruit come from?

Where from? From Spain, Italy, Africa, all over.

No but where does it come from – where do you get it from?

From Camden Market. You know big market. But I don’t get it. The big boss gets it.

The big boss. How many fruit stalls has the big boss got?

Oh I don’t know 200, 300 it depends.

Shit that’s a lot of fruit stalls. Like a fruit empire. He’s the king of fruit.

Yeah he is big man.

Yeah? He makes a lot of money?

Yeah he is big man makes a lot of money. But he is good man as well.

Yeah what’s he do with all that money?

He is not bad man.

All right mate I think I’ll take a bowl of bananas. And one of oranges. And go on then the kiwis as well seeing as you’ve been putting all those out there looking so nice.


Thanks then.


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