Living and making work in London post-MA

How to find an affordable way to live in London and maintain a lively creative community beyond the MA..?

I’ve been mulling this over and developing an idea.

The idea involves partnering with a property guardianship organisation to establish a creative live/work space in an empty building.

Last term I started to discuss this – in a very preliminary way – with guardianship organisation Dot Dot Dot. I approached Dot Dot Dot because they’re interested in their guardians having a positive impact on local communities. Also I met two of the people involved in setting Dot Dot Dot a couple of year ago and they were very nice guys.

Then, sometime before Christmas, I happened across an article about Green Rooms arts hotel up in Wood Green. It’s a budget hotel for artists due to open up in March this year. Just so happens that the guy who’s the driving force behind the project – Nick Hartwright – is an old pal of mine.

Nick’s been busy since 2008/9 when I was working with him at Battersea Arts Centre. He runs The Mill Co Project based at the Rose Lipman building, a former public library in Hackey. The Mill Co rents studios and workspace to a wide range of artists, designers and creative enterprises including Open School East, RIFT and many other interesting projects.

He’s also set up a guardianship company called Art Guard.

I got in touch with Nick over Christmas and explained where I’d got to with my plans and discussions with Dot Dot Dot.

It didn’t take long for us to agree that the idea I’ve been developing has potential to be a perfect match with how he wants to see Art Guard develop.


Drop me a line/catch me for a chat if you’re interested.


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