I’ve got a feeling I might have to buy a copy of Paul Mason’s #Postcapitalism…

Can anyone lend me a copy of Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism? otherwise I’ll have to buy one and – you know…

Also I’m interested to discuss his central premise(s).

I can see that technology is enabling a new type of consciousness. I can see that there is more potential for radical networks to develop now than there was before. I like to think I’m part of some.

I can also accept his argument that we live in increasingly immaterial times.

But does this really imply the end of capitalism as we know it??

Some of my concerns/questions are –

– that the social change the internet facilitates is happening on a relatively superficial level. Can it really precipitate the kind of change he heralds??

– although parts of the economy have shifted towards the immaterial, in some ways we remain stubbornly dependent on real, offline ‘things’. Things like furniture and food. And fossil fuels.

– Yes we can point to and celebrate and take part in alternatives to capitalism-as-we-know-it, but still the machinery of capitalism grinds on on a vast scale. Driving economic inequality the likes of which have never been seen. Driving environmental devastation. And hasn’t there always been a sharing economy?

– The capitalism of today has evolved beyond being tied to things in the way it once was. I’m not convinced by Paul Mason’s arguments in relation to financialisation, the ubiquity and influence of the markets etc.


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