Someone needs to make a film about a community energy project

I’m reading solar energy entrepreneur Jeremy Legget’s excellent ‘Winning the carbon War’ at the moment. I just got to a bit where he goes to meet Roger Harrabin at the BBC to talk about how the Beeb can cover renewable energy better –

“Roger opens our meeting. I am very aware that there is an immense economic upheaval underway in society, he says, a complete energy transition, and that we are not covering it at all well. I read a lot of things about how clean energy is exploding, and I get it about the crossover into storage and transport. I accept that there is a major running story around the carbon bubble too, as yet largely untold on television. But to tell these stories on the news, I need moving pictures. It can’t be solar farms or solar lanterns. It can’t be rooms full of investment bankers.

You seem to be saying that we are at a newsworthiness disadvantage, I say, because we can’t do stuff like exploding oil rigs, burning oil trains, and oil-caked pelicans.”

“It can’t be solar farms

Why not Roger??

Someone needs to make a film about one of the many fantastic community energy projects that are happening all over the UK.

I’m annoyed that I didn’t think of this in time to film Reach Community Solar Farm in development. They’ve achieved their funding target now so my gut tells me that a lot of the drama has happened already.

But this is exactly the kind of project that makes renewable energy a ‘moving’ story. Emotionally. An audience will be seeing a group of people taking the responsibility for sorting out the energy transition we need to make into their own hands. And overcoming obstacles to make it work.

An absolutely fantastic story to be telling right now.

You can download The Winning of The Carbon War free here


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