the social psychology of citizen lobbying

I’m interested in what research has been done into the social psychology of citizen lobbying.

I’m particularly interested in how politicians respond to criticism vs how they respond to positive affirmation, how this changes depending on how well they know the person dishing out the criticism/affirmation and what the implications are for the relationship between the politician and the person dishing out the criticism/affirmation.

My guess is that politicians (like people in general) are much more likely to listen to people they feel are ‘on their side’. Be great to know if research backs this up.

I’m also interested in how ‘groupthink’ can develop which allows a small group to ignore almost any amount of criticism from ‘the outside’. My sense is that this factor is at play in the way our democracy works at the moment. A small political elite seem able to insulate themselves from the voices of the many.

I’m interested to find out more as research for the guide to citizen lobbying I’m writing –

Links to relevant research much appreciated.


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