Democracy Workshop

I’m setting up a democracy hub as part of the art exhibition at Unit 7 in the Grafton Centre, Cambridge CB1 1PS.

Changing Spaces have kindly offered me a space to do this.

The idea is to use the space to map as wide a range of issues as possible that politics needs to be addressing and to help visitors gain knowledge/understanding and identify actions which can help politics to do this.

This will involve writing stuff on paper and sticking it to the walls.

The idea is to build up a 3D, crowd-sourced map that visitors can step inside, navigate and add to.

A while ago I made this animation about how I think the process of political change works –

So what I’m aiming to do with the workshop is facilitate this process.

But first I need to make some furniture…

2015-05-20 19.04.08

I might set up a dedicated online space for this at some point. For now I’ll post updates here and in the Map Project facebook group.


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