Storm in a teacup (a dialogue)

Tell you what was a storm in a teacup – last weekend. Supposed to be a hurricane. Few deckchairs blown over was it here.

Yeah what a load of hype.

Well I think it was a bit worse in some places – saw a picture of a tree blown onto a house and maybe some people died.

Yeah? I don’t really keep up with the news.

Yeah I see the papers when I scan them through the till at the co op. Thing is – not being heartless – when I see something like that I don’t care. I mean I don’t know those people. Who are they to me? Could be anyone. Not being heartless – I just don’t think that’s any of my business really.

Well that’s one of the problems with how the media works – that we’re constantly finding out about things that we can’t – that we’re not in a position to do anything about.

It’s too late anyway they’re dead.


Unproductive pornographic emotional indulgence. But there are things that everyone should know about – like – do you know about ? They’re working to democratise money and banking so that it works for society and not against it. Definitely worth a look. Things like that that identify structural problems that everyone should know about. Once everyone knows then there’ll be overwhelming public support for the campaign to get our supposed leaders/political representatives to sort it out.

That’s a very different take on how the media works


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