What we can do about developers bullying their way through the planning process?

I’m going to stop having two blogs it’s doing my head in. Here are some thoughts on development and how the planning process can work better (based on recent development in Cambridge but may well apply elsewhere too)

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Despite significant opposition from local residents and three refusals by the Council’s planning committee the proposed development of the CB1 site by Brookgate looks likely to be approved on appeal.

We’ve seen this before. Romsey residents groups opposed the high density development of the ex-BT site on Cromwell road last year. Again the development was refused planning several times but the developer hired a  £20K-a-week barrister to push the case through on appeal.

So what can we do to stop developers bullying their way through planning?

In my opinion these cases highlight the need for

  • Greater detail in the Local Plan. The Council needs to specify the planning objectives and main elements for sites, in detail for big sites and a rough masterplan for all medium sites too.

  • Greater scrutiny of initial plans put forward by developers. The Council needs to be much tougher at an earlier stage.

  • More public…

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