Projects I have on the go at the moment

This will have to do until I get a proper website..

  • Co Op the Musical. This is based on first-hand research I’ve collected over the past 12 months in a Co Operative supermarket in East Cambridge. It’s a hefty chunk of everyday life and also an effervescent spectacle. I’ve just completed a first draft of the script. I’m now looking for a composer/songwriter/musician to help me develop the musical side and a producer to help me find funding (definitely applying to the Co Op Community fund, Grants for the Arts and Sky arts futures fund are possibles). Blog for the project is
  • The Map Project. A Cambridge City Council and Arts Council funded community arts project for East Cambridge I’m running with Sa’adiah Khan. Over the past 8 months we’ve been inviting local people to contribute artworks expressing how they feel about East Cambridge. We’re now collaging all these artworks together to create a unique visual artwork for exhibition in December. The project has also led us to engage with the City Council’s planning department and we’ve responded to and encouraged others to respond to the latest draft of the local plan and a range of other planning issues in East Cambridge. The project webpage is (links through to a blog and social media with more info)


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Poet and performance maker based in Cambridge and London

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