Play Idea

All this talk of fracking this morning has got me thinking about a play.

It’s set in a community where Fracking is going to happen

It shows the development of a fracking well in or near that community.

It includes:

– A scene of the public meeting at which the mining company shows its plans and discusses the benefits to the local community in terms of investment in schools and amenities and jobs etc. Is there a moment where certain folks resisting the well are won round?

– Poetry and dancing in the local landscape.

– Tensions within a family as a result of the well. Is it an unemployed dad who hopes to gain employment in the facility vs. his environmentalist daughter? or ?

It addresses:

– The unsustainability of our ongoing reliance on fossil fuels

– The question of who stands to make money from this type of industry



About hughchapmansblog

Poet and performance maker based in Cambridge and London

One response to “Play Idea

  1. I see that you are around in Cambridge, as I am, so I am expressing an interest.

    What about some songs ? Not necessarily a musical, but to cover stage business.

    As it happens, I am listening to Kathryn Tickell’s Northumbrian Voices just at this time, having bought the two-CD set at her recent gig, and readings (taken from interviews), the music, the accents evoke that area well.

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