The Map Project

The Map Project


I’ve been interested in the psychology of maps for quite a while. Maps are one way we make sense of the world. In adult life we rely on accurate maps to find our way around. Maps are functional, objects of utility. We are consumers of maps. But it hasn’t always been that way. I think one of the first maps I encountered was on the inside cover of a collection of Winnie the Pooh stories. And as children we played with and invented miniature worlds. This project is about rediscovering a more creative relationship with map-making. It’s about discovering that there is more to places we thought we knew.

 ImageBreugel, Netherlandish Proverbs (detail) 1559


The project is a collaborative map-making workshop.

Using art-making materials participants will be invited to:

  1. design a character
  2. design a public place/building/mode of transport/amenity

These will then be collaged together to form the map.*

The project aims to bring together a diverse group of participants to work on the map. A key aim is to encourage participants to share their knowledge and experience through the work they contribute to the map. I anticipate making the map will also stimulate questions about the world we live in. I will facilitate this process by encouraging discussion where appropriate. The process of collaging participant’s designs together to create the map is another opportunity for sharing & discussion.

*The parameters of the map will probably need to be established from the outset – thinking especially in terms of scale – the biggest adult character 20cm high say, or fitting on an A4 sheet.


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